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Mizmar Technologies is one of the reputed CCTV & Security Alarm Company which has qualified Engineers / Technicians located in Dubai with a wide range networks in UAE.If you are looking for a cctv installation company in Dubai or UAE we are the right solution partner.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system allows you to monitor your office, factory or home etc. in order to safeguard your vital assets,prescious belongings and important documents without physically being present at each location.CCTV system can display videos from multiple surveillance cameras installed across various locations of a single premise. The live video pictures can


be viewed online even with your mobile phone device with vital clarity. The advantage is your office or home is always under your monitoring even you are out of the country.

CCTV systems and solutions in UAE, especially Dubai, are gaining more importance due to ongoing efforts and experiments of organizations to efficiently monitor their assets and employees in a more professional and transparent manner..

Mizmar Technologies is a renowned name in CCTVsystems in Dubai and UAE.We provide CCTV security surveillance solutions for various business entities and homes and buildings to attain their security requirements in the highest standards. Our solutions for the security systems are tailor made ,depends on the requirements .


CCTV Installation, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, , Sharjah & Umm Al Quwain

In Dubai and UAE in general The closed circuit television cameras are very much important and essential in the present time both in the office and home.CCTV surveillance system is necessary to be set up in home and office because it not only protect your home and gives a security but also it captures some very much valuable video memories to be used in the future as an eternal piece of memories. Either business, home or Industries.CCTV installations are the apt and perfect solution to monitor both your premises and valuables, internally and externally with the sense of protection in its zenith.CCTV installations for security is widely popular in Dubai because it depicts the truth and you can monitor your office even while travelling with a very very amazing cost effective way of installing the CCTV systems.

As a reputable and experienced CCTV installer & supplier in Dubai and UAE, we can provide you the ample CCTV installation specifications and high quality devices with a very competitive rate.

We,Mizmar Technologies install, maintain and service all industrial, commercial, and domestic CCTV installations on sites across the UAE .We have many satisfied clients all over the UAE includes Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Sharjah & Umm Al Quwain. If you are looking for a CCTV installer,CCTV surveillance system or any security device like CCTV system you can simply call us and the rest is assured

The need of CCTV surveillance system in Dubai

  • If You want to monitor the movement of people within your business premise
  • If You want to ensure safety and security of your visitors and their belongings (Shopping Malls,super markets, Hotels, Restaurants etc.)
  • If You want to monitor handling and management of goods coming in and out of your organization like Warehouses, Supermarkets, Trading companies ,shipping companies or Construction sites etc.)
  • If You want to monitor your employees to ensure the performance like Telesales staff, sales staff, Receptionists, Cashiers ,accounts and Customer Service agents etc
  • If You want to provide a complete security solution to your tenants of your building (Residential buildings, office buildings,villas etc)
    If You want to watch your kids while you are at work even while abroad.

Surveillance Cameras (CCTV Cameras )

The most important factor of a surveillance system is the rightly chosen CCTV camera. There are some important factors that has to be taken into account before choosing the right CCTV camera e.g. The total size of the coverage area, distance of objects from the camera, possible available light in different sections of the day, and many other factors that may influence the output of captured images.

In Dubai ,UAE CCTV Cameras are available in different types .The most popular are Speed Dome Cameras, Vandal Proof Cameras, Dome Cameras Bullet Cameras, Box Cameras IP Network Cameras, Mobile CCTV Camera etc. All these cameras are available with options of Auto,Manual Focus and Day,Night recording functions depends on the requirements


Digital Video Recorder (DVR):

A DVR is an important central component of a CCTV Security system.All the cameras and display units are connected to this. It is responsible for recording the images captured. In Dubai a wide variety of DVRs are available in 16,4 and 8 channels devices.depend on cameras installed in your premise the DVRs can be selected.The DVR used for CCTV camera systems are available in Dubai with different features like Audio capturing,MotionDetectionRecording,Internet access,3G mobile accessand up to 90 days Recording etc.

The DVR attached with the CCTV Surveillance system can provide a very user friendly interface which helps administrators to scroll through past recorded videos.It can be based on selections like date and time. In case recording is not required it can also be paused or stopped for a particular

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